Thats Like Waiting till Christmas!

As i was perusing my Facebook yesterday I seen where the huffpost had an article on daylight savings time and in that article it gave me the devastating news!  I have been living on the east coast for 4 months now and one of the things I miss the most is my hour that I lost when we moved!  So yes albiet crazy of me I was devastated when I read the article. 

"hallowedween at christmas"


And I want it back in October…not friggin’ November! Thats like waiting till christmas!  I mean this is crazy, kids will be trick or treating in broad daylight…how is that traditional?  This just takes the cake. Since I’ve been here it hasn’t been quite normalcy so to speak.  I endured an earthquake and hurricane all within one week!  insert here—>Carol King singing “i feel the earth move under my feet”.  So you can see my torture from living in the midwest.  I am sure one day I will get used to watching Parenthood at 10damnOclock but for now I want the sun to set at 5:30 while the little (and big)  kids walk around in their tutus and pirate suits……IN THE DARK!

So I will see you soon dusk…right around new years eve.

-Dawn With a View

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  1. Bill
    October 18, 2011 at 3:52 pm

    Awesome article. Very insightful.

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