I Love Etsy!

Okay,  most chics LOVE their fashion magazines…right?    Come on admit it you know you do, even though some people (feminists) think that it’s an insult to women everywhere.  Pstshhh…thats what I say!  Who Cares! If something entices a woman into feeling beautiful then that adds self-confidence, which in turn will help us battle the ups and downs of life! 


A simple perfume or a delicate lace panty…yes i said panty…each play toward making a woman feel lovely and beautiful.  Spending alone time with a nice warm glass of tea and looking at all the pretty intricacies is a benefit in being a woman!

So enough of my rant!  My blog today is about Etsy.   If you haven’t heard about this delicious little site then what are you waiting for?…www.etsy.com.  It’s like an online fashion magazine where ordinary people can sell their craft.  Here are my daily finds,  that I absolutely love!  And hopefully with some good marketing,  sometime in the future we will be giving away prizes from this awesome site!  So go make yourself a nice warm cup of your fav tea or coffee and get ready to…..relax!

My First Daily Find is a beautiful knitted shawl

Light Creme Spring Shawl - by Etsy shop "JPaveyDesigns "

 Pair this with an intricate necklace

Modern Geometric Jewelry -by Etsy Shop "Edor"

 And lastly finish it off with a pair of knitted chunky crocheted legwarmers…go ahead and buy you some Hunter boots too!

RAINCITY BOOT WARMERS -by Etsy shop "Kove"

Hope you enjoyed my daily finds and please let us know what you would want us to review for our next daily finds!

Cheers peeps!

-Dawn With a View

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